Welcome to my beard blog


12346234_1653338021580211_488974714_nThis site is my personal little place in the world wide web in which I can publish stuff about my passion, called BEARDS :)

I am a true pogonophilia and proud of it. There are a lot of discussions (mostly initiated by women) about if beards are in or out or if bearded men are just following the hipster trend and even some stupid stuff like “beards are unhygienic and there are tons of food in beards” and all that kinda stuff. I think that it started as a trend and that us men discovered how awesome it is to be a bearded man. To enjoy the indulgence when visiting a barber. To meet  fellow bearded men, to have a decent man’s talk.

To take care of one’s manlyness and to take pride in growing and grooming a beard. All these pleasant things are part of being a man, no matter what some people moan about.

We are men who take pride in being MEN!

Here you can have a look at my Pinterest boards and the images I uploaded @Instagram, you can get some tips about growing and grooming your beard and you can read about products I use and the barbers I visited.

For all the (fellow bearded) men, who visit this blog, I want to say that I hope that you enjoy my site and that it’s higly appreciated when you leave a comment here and there :)

Greetz from Berlin,